Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something I've been wanting to do a long time...

On my break today, I went outside and sat in the area where the smokers sit. I’ve thought to myself many times that smokers are far more conversationally oriented and down-to-earth than non-smokers. So today, rather than go somewhere by myself to read or whatever, I went to the smoking area and was able to meet someone who has worked in the same building as me for a couple of years, but that I have never met before.

Ever since I first thought about doing this a few months ago, I’ve allowed fear to keep me from doing it. Fear of rejection. Fear of what other people would say. But today I realized that those fears were unfounded, and I’m looking forward to going back. God is good. J

(This photo and the photo in the post above are both from the Internet)


Kayloni said...

interesting. I've had a growing desire to start riding the bus just because not only would it save oodles of money but I think it would be a great chance to mingle with the 'commoners' hehe. and just talk to people and love them through conversation. Interesting that I have this desire considering I don't live on the bus route. Wondering what God has in store for our 'dwelling place' this next year and praying his will be done!

Mel said...

What do you mean "dwelling place?" As in house, or church, or something else?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mel :)

Greetings :)

The photo is lovely. I wish I had one of those puppies.

I will not go to a smokers room to get to know people because smoking is injurious to health not only to the smoker but to passive smokers as well. I will not dare do this. Smokers area is out of bounds for me.

If you want to interact with people there are so many avenues and you have to keep your eyes and ears open.

For instance if I go to bar I can meet and talk to a lot of people. I don't do that also.

But where ever I am, sitting is a park, strolling on the road, having tea in a restaurant, when I am walking on the beach, traveling in a bus, buying vegetables, when I am in a church compound, when I go to pay my electricity bill, when I go to do my job, any where for that matter, I try to pick up a conversation. Some will respond and some will not. It doesn't matter. At least I have made the attempt to open up a conversation. But nor in a smokers room or a bar. These places are out of bounds for me. I suppose the older a person gets, one becomes more cautious and lacks the daring spirit.

But you are young with more initiative and enterprise than me. Young people have no fear.

Have a lovely Sunday Mel:)

Stampmouse said...

its true smokers do seem to have more conversations because they have a place to gather especially now with the new laws on it (which I love)

I have always resented the smokers break since they can go out converse and seem to always get more breaks then others. but by you taking their break with them I think that is an awesome idea.

Mel said...

Hi Joseph,

You truly have mastered the art of getting to know a wide variety of people in a wide variety of places. In a way, my venture into the smoking area is an extention of that same spirit.

I'm aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke. If the smokers were gathers in a room, I probably wouldn't go there. But in Washington State, there's a law that there can't be any smoking in any public places, except on Native American reservations. So the smoking area at my work is outside, and the smoke disappates a lot faster there than it would in a room.

Anyway, thank you as always for freely sharing your thoughts. I always look forward to hearing your take on things.

Many blessings to you and yours!

With fond affection,

Mel said...

Hi Laura,

In this age of increasig detachment, it seems to me we need to find creative ways of connecting with people. This is just one of many...