Monday, April 20, 2009

Why "Echoes" is so important to me right now...

I used to be in bondage to the “I’m not going to read it if I can’t own it” trap… However, recent events have opened my eyes to see the beauty and value of libraries (of which I believe there is going to be an unparalleled one in Heaven). I’ve been having a hay-day going to the Spokane Public Library downtown, and to the Spokane County Public Library in the Valley. But there are parts of the books I’m reading that I know I’m going to want to have access to later on, after they’ve long since been returned to their rightful owners. So “Echoes” has become a treasury for me – a collection of mind-renewing, spirit-inspiring writings that God has used and is using to change my life from the inside out. One of these days there’s going to be a mad rush of entries on that blog… Perhaps it’ll be today! J

(Photo from my friend Katrena, owner of the blog "My Father's Beautiful World.")


Danielle&Hannah said...

Hi Mel,

Thank you for your honest reflections on my last post. And I am really blessed by reading your current one. I have a background in Library Info Science. It has often been quoted - the most boring job in the world!
Well, I tend to think that I am not that boring... and Yes, there is so much that can be gleaned from a library. Daniel 12:4 describes how knowledge will be increased in the last days. We as christians are encouraged to uphold wisdom, seek knowledge and gain understanding. You have inspired me to study today for my Law assignment! :-D Thank you

Mel said...

Hi Danielle!

That sounds like such an interesting job. I think I would love it! :) You are DEFINITELY NOT boring! May God bless you with strength and clear thinking and a photographic memory as you study for your Law assignment.

Thank you as always for your comments, which always bring encouragement and joy to my heart!


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mel :)

Reading books is one of the best ways to spend time productively. Wealth can be lost but knowledge can never be lost and it brings us great joy to share it with others.

Have a nice day Mel :)

Mel said...

Hi Joseph! I agree with you whole-heartedly. I love to read, and to share the joy with others who also love to read, or who enjoy hearing me ramble on about what I'm learning. Linnea loves to read, too. Hmmm, I wonder where she got that from? :)

God bless you! Have a great day!